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Epic (and shorter) rides of Australia’s Outback, Rail Trails and Europe  

The idea of cycling remote Outback Australia trails with support became Outbike in 2004.

It started with Alice to Coober Pedy and in 2005 the Gulf-to-Gulf across Australia, Port Augusta to Karumba via Birdsville was added.

In 2016 and 2018 Outbike ran 23-day rides of the WW1 Western Front from the North Sea to Switzerland.

Next Outbike Outback epic will be a road bike ride in four stages on Queensland’s growing network of sealed remote roads.

Each stage begins or ends at points serviced by Queensland Rail and with the event we hope to demonstrate how outback road-cycling can match well with QR’s trains.

Overnight camps will be in towns, beside remote pubs and rest areas.

Distances will vary from 64 to 230 km. Longest days are 209 and 230 km. 5 days will do 160 to 200 km.

More information on Outbike cycling tours can be found on Outbike website.

Please contact Ralph at Arcadia Travel for any questions.

Contact us or email ralph@arcadiatravel.com.au