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The My Europe Base concept

A fab location, a fascinating region and easy access to Europe: base in Zell-Mosel, Rhineland, Germany.

My Europe Base is an apartment house in Zell-Mosel, ideal for short or long stays, an affordable home-away-from-home with the convenience of easy access all-over the Continent, by rail, by road, by river – and by air from the nearby low-cost flights hub, Hahn Airport.

A beautiful location, Zell-Mosel is in the heart of Germany’s Rhineland which shares borders with Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. It is midway between the North Sea and the Alps.

From Zell, you can travel in every direction.

The apartment house is named ‘Mosel Panorama’ and is one of the prettiest on Zell’s waterfront. The units are modern, fully furnished and very pleasant to stay in. They are of 3+ to 4 star standard.

Since 2010 our guests have been enjoying the ambience of Zell, the Mosel River and the many attractions within 1 and 2 days reach, not to mention the wonderful local food and wines.

Whether you are looking for a short-stay Mosel River holiday or a long-stay base to explore Rhineland – or beyond – you’ll be delighted with the town of Zell and our apartments!

Arcadia Travel Noosa and My Europe Base are co-owned.

You can call us, email or visit us (at Noosaville, Queensland) to find out about Zell stays in Europe, local activities and sightseeing.

Bikes are complimentary for guests staying 7 days or more. The Mosel Radweg (bike path) is one of the world’s most popular bike rides and there are plenty of choices for day or multi day rides.

My Europe Base has been open to guests since 2010 offering a fresh way to enjoy Europe from your own base. My Europe Base has a website that includes information on travel suggestions, guests’ feedback and detailed description of the apartments. Please visit .

  • Convenient, affordable long-stay apartments in Europe, in Zell, a key town on the Mosel River in Germany's famous Rheinland and perfect for Australians seeking a base for their travels in Europe...

  • We stay for 12 of the nights at our pretty apartment house riverfront in the lively vintner town of Zell on the Mosel travels away for the final Friday and Saturday night in Frankfurt...

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