My Europe Base
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My Europe Base

Extended Stays in RHINELAND GERMANY 

Introducing ‘My Europe Base’

Experience life in Central Europe staying on the idyllic Mosel River in a leading vintner town. Enjoy the local wine, beer, food – and atmosphere! Hikes abound and it’s a cycling paradise. Relax and soak in nearby thermal resorts. Explore the Rhineland region and neighbouring states in Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Netherlands.

My Europe Base is our concept for convenient, affordable long-stay apartments in Europe with our property in Zell, a key town on the Mosel River in Germany’s famous Rheinland and perfect for Australians seeking a base for their travels in Europe. It is one of the most picturesque on the famed Mosel and dates from Celtic and Roman times. The tradition of wine-making continues and the town has a vibrant international flavour with many cafes and wine cellars.

Points for guests:

  • The house faces the Mosel, is backed by steep vineyards, and is one of the town’s prettiest.
  • Only 2 minutes walk to the town centre promenade, 5 minutes to the Zellerland Regional Tourism Office.
  • Apartments are modern, vary from studio to 2 bedroom, fully-equipped, 3-4 star level and have Mosel views
  • Zell has a busy pedestrian centre with restaurants, wine cellars, cafes and shops.
  • Nearby Zell-Barl has a large shopping centre and hospital, accessible by regular bus.
  • Summers are warm and winters relatively mild with occasional snows.

Travelling near and far couldn’t be easier.


Travel by bus, ferry, rail (Koblenz-Trier line, Bullay Station is 5 km by frequent bus), bicycle, day coach tour (only 16-23 EUR) or rental car. The historic spa town of Bad Bertrich is 15 kms by bus. Castles and abbeys are numerous on the Mosel and Trier is famed for its Roman ruins. The Rhine Gorges are about 60 kms away. The cities of Luxembourg, Trier, Koblenz, Cologne, Mainz, Frankfurt and Heidelberg are within a day’s reach. Many more places can be visited in 2 day outings with one overnight away.


Fly all over Europe to 60 destinations from Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, a major hub for budget airline Ryanair. Hahn Airport is a 35 minute bus ride from Zell (6.50 EUR), with 9 services a day spread over 18 hours. From Hahn, budget express buses connect to many cities and are an alternative to rail travel.

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