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Trek the BRISBANE VALLEY RAIL TRAIL (BVRT) with our transfers and support!
Australia’s longest rail trail is 161km, off-road, through scenic countryside with quaint rural villages and towns along the way, all ready to help keep hikers watered and fed.
Aussies can’t trek the Camino pilgrim trails to Santiago de Compostela in 2020 – but the BVRT is excellent training for it!
This is an opportunity to walk the BVRT self-guided and our advice is participants should be confident they can walk independently up to 25km per day on gravel surfaces with mild gradients (it was the railway line of course).
Our crew person is not walking the trail – they stay with the support bus.

NOTE: BLISTERS are common hiking the BVRT – prepare yourself.


Yarraman to Toogoolawah in 4 days / 76km Friday 21 to Monday 24 August 2020 – FINISHED

Yarraman to Toogoolawah in 4 days / 76km Friday 25 to Monday 28 September 2020 – CLOSED

Yarraman to Moore in 2 days MOON WALK /

49km Saturday 24 to Sunday 25 October 2020 – NEW EVENT, OPEN FOR REGISTRATION


Toogoolawah to Coominya in 2 days / 43 km Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 August 2020 – FINISHED

Toogoolawah to Wulkuraka in 4 days / 85 km Friday 2 to Monday 5 October 2020 – CLOSED


We will be running trek support for the BVRT again in 2021, April to September, dates to be advised.

Day stages Upper Section (4 days format): 

Yarraman <19km>Blackbutt <23km> Linville <20km> Harlin <14km> Toogoolawah
Meet at Caboolture Station. We drive to Yarraman. End transfer from Toogoolawah to Caboolture Station. We also offer transfers return to Sunshine Coast.

Day stages Lower Section (4 days format): 

Toogoolawah <19km> Esk <24km> Coominya <20km> Fernvale <23km> Wulkuraka
Meet at Caboolture Station. We drive to Toogoolawah.
From Wulkuraka, trains depart half-hourly – and we can also transfer back  via Brisbane to Caboolture and Sunshine Coast.

Trek Support 

In 2020 we charged $100 for 4 days of support plus: camping+breakfasts (@$25/night), meals and transfers Caboolture Station to and from the BVRT for $40.
* we transfer your gear between campgrounds or accoms (backpacks and soft bags ok, limit 15kgs, NO HARD CASES)
* set up a crewed refreshment stops at one road access point each day with water, coffee and tea, and fruit
* bus shuttle where needed between the trail and overnight camp/accoms
* take you on our bus (from a road access point) if you want a break from walking

Information about options and costs:

  • Pubs or motels are available some nights at varying rates – consult with us and then book direct.
  • Meals – there are stores, bakeries, cafes and pubs for lunches and dinners. We can offer lunch at modest cost on days where there is not a suitably located village/town.
Participants with special dietary requirements can think about self-catering. We have eskies and cooking gear we can lend out.

To enquire, please send us a message.

Images from 2020 BVRT treks